Monday, June 25, 2012


 I Live To Swim Okay All you Dolphins, we are now well into the 2012 swimming season.  Behind us are 18 days of afternoon practice squeezed in with exams, graduation by some of you, baseball and soccer games, and all then other activities that wrap up the school year.  Thanks to all you Dolphins who made the extra effort to squeeze in as many practices as you could during this time, the coaches appreciate the effort.

TIME TRAILS WRAP:  We held our 2012 time trails as a chance to see where we were after 2 and a half weeks of practice.  We had a great turn out this year as the dolphins set out to set a base for their the upcoming season and an assault on the dog tags.  We welcome all the new faces that we saw and our wish for you is good times with great memories.

MONDAY NIGHT MEET SLEEPY HOLLOW B&R:  We had an excellent turnout for our first and one of the coolest Shivering  Monday night meet in Dolphin history.  I don't remember when I last wore a sweatshirt for a swim meet in June.  This meet is held so that all the dolphins who missed time trails have a chance to get some times and set some goals for the upcoming season.  The Dolphins had a lot of swimmers who wasted no time as they started to set some new personal best times from time trails
FAIRFAX FROGS  Leap Frogs  AT LEE GRAHAM DOLPHINS Dolphin :  The coaches want to thank all the parents who put together our Friday morning practice and the pasta dinner that evening.  We would also like to thank the parents for all the support you gave the team on Saturday at the meet.  I will try and do a wrap up of the meet so here we go:  After a GREAT stretching and warm up the Dolphins moved upstairs to watch a 4  minute movie to help get our minds ready to go.

 The free style swimmers were the first to hit the pool for the 2012 season and our Mini Dolphins would get us started with Nate Jackson and Emmy Reitinger  winning the first two events  to get us started with a 11-7 advantage.   But than our 9-10 decided that they were not going to be out classed by our little ones so they followed with Will Jackson( SETTING NEW POOL RECORD) and Emma Rollins winning their races for another 11-7 advantage.  Other Dolphins winning their events in free were Hannah Rollins, Daniel Reinfurt, and Lucas Cherry which enabled the dolphins to gain a lead of 49-41 and they would never look back.
This being the first meet of the year with no established times we knew it was important to stack the free events with the hopes of jumping out to an early lead.  That done it was time to see if  Woohoo! our   backstrokers could step up and increase that lead as we knew we were going to give up some points in breast and fly.

Again our 8 and unders stepped up winning both the boys Calvin Marr and the girls Emmy Reitinger events outscoring the frogs 13 to 5.  The 9-10 years olds again decided that they were not going to be   out classed with Will Jackson (SETTING 2ND POOL RECORD OF THE DAY)     and Madeline Ice winning both of their events and outscoring the frogs 13-5 matching our 8 and unders.  Our older age groups must have taken notice because the dolphins would go on and win 4 out of the next 6 backstroke events, with Ryan Fry, Hannah Rollins, Miller Surette, and Lucas Cherry outscoring the frogs 58-32 in the event

Now it was time for our breast stroke swimmers to take the stage.  Now we knew they were very deep in the stroke, after all they are called the frogs.  The dolphins put forth a gigantic effort but would only win 3 of the 20 events.  Dolphins winning their events were Jack West, Elena Summers, and Miller Surette.  The dolphins would pick up a lot of 2nd and third places but in the end were outscored 49-41.

It was now time for the last individual events of the meet, and for the first time in NVSL history the 8 and unders were going to do the fly, and we had not spent a great time on this to date.  Nate Jackson would win the very first 8 and under fly event in Lee Graham history and Micah Marr would swim to a second place finish in the girls event.  Other dolphins winning their events in fly were Elena Summers and Daniel Reinfurt.  Both teams were pretty even during fly with the frogs gaining a 3 point advantage 43-46.

After catching a breath and cooling off in the other pool the dolphin relays Synchronized Swimming  would now take to the pool, and each group of four did a great job swimming with a lot of heart and never giving up winning 7 of the 12 relays for a 35 to 25 point advantage.

Point breakdown from meet:  8 and unders 48-33, 9-10 year olds 44-38, 11 ans 12 year olds 54-28, 13-14 year olds 47-35 and 15-18 year olds 23-59.

BEST TIME BREAKDOWN :Free 30 splashes /22 best times,  back 29 splashes/ 23 best times,  breast  29 splashes/18 best times, fly 30 splashes 19 best times. 

We want to thank all the older dolphins, you all did a GREAT job Friday and Saturday leading this team, we can not do it with out you all.  Each and every one of you is special.

WEEK AHEAD:  We will work hard this week and remember the movie from Saturday, keep pushing and if you need to pick up a teammate who may be down a little.
Monday milkshakes for the one sweep we had/  Thursday  8pm movie for 13 and over's upstairs (Dinner chick fillet We need a count by Thursday)/  Friday pictures at 9am  (Bring rafts as we will open the other pool while individual shots are done)  Saturday Fairfax Station Meet Away( we will meet in parking lot and watch a movie upstairs before leaving).

Monday, July 18, 2011


 It's All Good Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend; after we made it through Saturday morning.   No we are not mad, but we are frustrated Kicking Dirt in the fact that some of you are losing races from the flags in, and the only reason is that you don't know how to finish the races NASCAR 2 , and that is our fault.  It's like with this car anytime you are near the flags (kill zone) you need to put the hammer down and go for it, because your competition will and you better compensate for it or you're left in the dust. Dirt Bike    We need to do a better job of teaching you how to finish a race off and some of that is how you approach practice each day, with each set we do.
MONDAY:  We started off the week with a meet against High Point and we had 85  Dolphin  Dolphin caught by Lee Graham during the evening.  Our DQ's were down, so we are improving in that area so we need to keep up  the good work in that area.  Unfortunately we had  Hurricane a storm blow in and some of the butterfly events had to be postponed, but it was not enough to stop us from our  Ice Cream Cone social.
WEDNESDAY:  The team headed Family Road Trip  out to Little Rocky Run in the evening for the annual Divisional Relay Carnival.   We want to thank all the parents who suffered through all that traffic after the storms to get all of our swimmers to the pool on time.  While it is true that we were missing some swimmers that evening (other teams were affected by this also), the relays that we took out there swam great, especially those swimmers that filled in who in all cases same their  Beating Heartoff.  Two of these swimmers were Hannah Hiscott and Noah Surette who we asked to anchor their relays and both of who turned in great swims.  We knew going in that Highlands would more than likely win going away with Fairfax Station being a distant 2nd.  After that all the other places were up for grabs and Lee Graham would finish fifth, but would have 10 relays qualify for ALL STARS.    
 Stars 11 AND 12 GIRLS MEDLEY AND FREE                   Stars 15-18 GIRLS MEDLEY AND FREE                   Stars 13 AND 14 GIRLS          Stars 15 TO 18 BOYS MEDLEY          Stars 13 AND 14 BOYS MEDLEY  AND FREE                 11AND 12 YEAR OLD BOYS MEDLEY          Stars MIXED AGE BOYS           Well Done  Clappy   Good luck Wednesday night at Hayfield Farms.
SATURDAY:    We had a great warm up in the morning, but the coaches also knew it was going to be a tough meet,( The coaches had the exact score that it turned out to be)   and some of you rose to the level and brought your best, those of you who were without your A game know who you are.  Yes it is true that both teams were missing swimmers, but that can not be an excuse, some one needs to step up and rise to the occasion.  As always the first wave of swimmers were the free stylers and after the 8 and under events we would have our FIRST AND LAST lead of the day  at 10 to 8 with Ian winning his event and Emma and Ellie taking 2nd and 3rd.  Highlands was very talented in the 9 and 10 age group as they would have two bigSweeping  Sweeping  in both the boys and girls free to take a commanding lead at 10 to 26 which the DOLPHINS could not recover from.  We would finish the free events winning only 3 more events with Daniel, Lucas and Susha.  We would catch 13  Dolphin during the free, but would be  behind at 39 to 51.  the backstrokers would make a gallant attempt of getting the DOLPHINS back in to the meet outscoring the  Turtle 47 to 43 and closing the gap in the score  to 86-94.  We would catch 11  Dolphin and would have wins turned in by Justin, Hannah R., Cynthia, Lucas and Natalie.  A positive here was that our 9 to 10 scored 6 points with Will and Madeline both swimming to second place finishes. 
The Dolphins would start the breast stroke events strong as we swam to a 9 to 9 tie    after 8 and unders, with Ian winning and Emma and Ellie getting 2nd and 3rd.   The only problem was here comes those 9 and 10 year olds who would  Sweeping the  boys  and take 1st and 2nd  in the girls to outscore us 1 to 17.  With the score now 5 to 22 Highlands never looked back   The Dolphins would only manage 3 more wins in the events with Elena (breaking a 40 for the first time),and Brandon, and Natalie.  The Dolphins were outscored 36 to 54 and now found themselves in a  up Mountain 2 battle falling behind 122 to 148.  We would only catch 11 DOLPHINS in the breast and fly events.  Although our fly swimmers had some great swims turned in by Justin (dropping over 5 seconds), Eliana (dropping over 4 seconds), Daniel (dropping over 2 seconds), we would find ourselves being outscored 31 to 41, and falling further behind 153 to 189.  the DOLPHINS would only manage to win 4 of the 12 relays while losing the meet 173 to 229.
Now for those of you who like stats and doing math, here are some facts to mull  The Thinker over.  We would finish with our lowest  Dolphin  Dolphin catch of the season at 46.      Dolphins would win their events but Highlands would win 21.  We had     Dolphins swim to second place finishes, but again Highlands would finish with 20.  The Dolphins would  only have     third place finishes and Highland would have 23.  Point break down by age groups  are 8 and unders 26 to 28, 9 to 10 year olds 8 to 64, 11 and 12 year olds, 43 to 29, 13 and 14 year olds, 27 to 45, and 15 and overs, 50 to 22.  Best times turned in 8 and unders 9, 9 to 12 year olds 16, and 13 and overs 21.  The boys would outscore the girls 86 to 67 in this meet.
OK enough said about the weekend, it's time to put it behind us and move on to  the  stingrays from Little Rocky Run.  This team happens to be full of swimmers who either swim with me or have swam with me, so do not take them lightly.  They are in their home pool, at their senior meet and they will be swimming fast, so you better bring your A game this week.    and I mean it let me know now because We want to take people who are going to race (not just swim) with us on Saturday.   The theme this week is  and EVERYONE INCLUDING THE COACHES ARE TO WEAR THEIR BLACK SHIRTS, AND THAT IS IT.  We are not going to walk in with anything on our minds  Go Team but team, best times and winning the meet.  NOTHING else matters this Saturday from 8 to 11:30.   Pack your bags wisely this weekend, goggles, suit, towel TEAM shirt, TEAM CAP(this years) water bottle, and a a little bit of an attitude.   Leave all your other baggage at home We do not want to hear about it.